Board of Trustees

Mr. Ruben Abreu, Chairman

Mrs. Maria I. Velez-Lopez, Secretary

Ms. Genoveva Isona, Treasurer


Mr. Mario Barquin, CPA

Mr. Carlos M. Santiago

Jamie Lugo, CADC


“It has long been an established fact that rehabilitation works. People who for one reason or another, become addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol can develop a drug free life style given the opportunity education and dedicated care. As Chairman of the Board I know first hand of three courageous staff members who survived their addiction, and built a career based on their experiences, experiential learning, and commitment to themselves by becoming licensed professional counselors, counselor interns, and clinical supervisors. We are proud of their combined 30 years of service and dedication to those individuals who make a decision to leave their addictions behind and learn how to lead a life of sobriety.”


Mr. Ruben Abreu, Board of Trustees