Therapeutic Community

CURA is a member of the Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA) and has integrated their Therapeutic Community (TC) philosophy of care in treatment. The TC model is a structured program that includes a daily schedule that include hours and descriptions of the didactic and therapeutic sessions, group and individual counseling sessions, recreational activities and other events. This approach is consistent, structured, and well organized. Counselors review schedules with their clients to ensure their treatment plan is followed. This daily schedule is posted in all common areas for reference by all clients, visitors, and contractual monitors. All the clients eat together at the same time and perform daily tasks as part of their daily routines.

Other evidence based programs approved by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) such as Cognitive Behavioral,  Motivational and Solution-Focused therapies, as well as  12 Step Facilitation are also incorporated into the clients treatment plan based on his/her need.  All sites displays signage that illustrates the philosophy of the program, its messages of recovery and the positive outcomes of adopting healthy lifestyles. The signage also promotes affiliations with other community providers who have adopted the TC model of care.

CURA, Inc. has been utilizing treatment therapies that find its roots in the Therapeutic Community for more than thirty years. As time passes, our clients change and so have we. We take what we do very seriously, and we are always performing self-analysis to be sure that our clients are receiving the highest quality, and the most effective treatment available.